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Why SQL Accounting

From sales and cost control, to profit and cash flow, you can get a complete report before considering your next strategy, more than 2500 reports for you to make precise decision!

SQL Accounting and Inventory Software, suitable for more than hundreds of industries, from a trading company, construction company, forwarding company, service company, accounting firm, freelancer, bookkeeper, manufacturing company & many more.

SQL Accounting has close to 20 built in profit & loss statement reports. But you can choose to customize your own reports! You can compare your profit and loss not just this year vs last year, but you can also compare by seasonal eg this quarter vs last year this quarter. You can also do a special period profit & loss statement format, for example a 2-year total profit & loss statement to help you analyse your business performance, optimize profit, cash flow & many more.

SQL Accounting Software significantly helps improve the efficiency of the many companies. Apart from that, there are still more important benefits that SQL Accounting software provides.

SQL Accounting Software is an easy to learn, no accounting knowledge required, flexible and customizable accounting software.

It is the perfect accounting software for new start-up company, growing small-medium business to a large organisation. SQL Accounting is the best accounting software in Malaysia because in addition to being highly flexible and customizable, it is in accordance with the taxation laws of Malaysia. Save yourself the hassle and headache and generate SST reports with the best accounting software in Malaysia.

SQL Accounting has served more than 210,000 companies across Asia. SQL Accounting software aims to help our customers enhance workplace performance, eliminate human error, and maximize profits through our stable, dependable, and developed software functionalities.

Our accounting software’s wide range of functions includes, General Ledger(GL), Account Receivable (AR), Account Payable (AP), Sales, Purchase, Inventory & more.

What sets SQL Accounting apart from other accounting software’s is that SQL Accounting software comes with an abundance of online resources to support your journey in using this system. Regardless if it’s an on-premise or SQL Online Accounting software, SQL Account is the best accounting software. If that’s not enough, unlimited hands-on free accounting software training in the SQL Accounting Head Quarters. More than 400 nationwide service centres to provide you phone & online support.

SQL Accounting Module and Functions

GL(General Ledger), Customer (AR), Supplier (AP)

Open Period, No Need Year End (b/f auto cut off for each financial year)
Advance Drill from Anywhere Down to the Source Document
Copy & Paste of document or selected detail records
Export to MS Office, jpeg, html, pdf & etc
Unlimited level of sub account on P/L & B/S
External File (fax, email, letter) tracking
Unlimited Shipping and branch address
3 Column Balance Sheet
Advanced Drill Down
Sales Tax
SST Module (NEW)

Additional Features

Sales Module: Quotation, Sales Order, Delivery Order, Invoice, Cash Sales, Debit Note & Credit Note
Purchase Module: Purchase Request, Purchase Order, Goods Receipt Note, Purchase Invoice, Cash Purchase & Purchase Return
Sales & Purchase Document Listing Report

SQL Inventory
Features & reports essential to your store inventory
stock document listing
stock reorder advice
stock card
stock month end balance
stock aging
stock analysis by document

Salesman Commission Reports

SQL Account supports a variety of commission calculation. We calculate partial-payment commission, profit-margin based commission, and we also support multiple commission rates based on stock groups and agents.

Flexible ble Unlimited User Defined Fields

SQL Account is the best accounting software can cater from small business to large organisation. SQL Account has user defined fields that can be easily altered and customized.  With user defined fields, you can create the perfect document that suit your business size and workflow.

Enhance security

SQL Accounting provides the best options when it comes to data privacy. You can have double layer access control on what they can do on SQL Accounting. For example, users whom you granted them access right in cash book entry for recording expenses transactions, but you also wish to “hide of” transactions with sensitive keyword , like ‘Director fees’ or ‘bonus’ etc from them.

By assigning advance security transactions exclusions to your users, you can ensure data confidentiality which only uniquely found in SQL accounting .

SQL Account is the Number 1 accounting software in South East Asia use by more than 180,000 companies.



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